Name: FLink-WiFi-A
Category: FLink
Service: Technical support from Flexem
Size: 68mm x 74mm x 19.5mm
Weight: About 52g

  • HMI dedicated IIoT module-FLink
  • WiFi, ethernet internet options
  • It supports FLEXEM FlexCloud platform
  • Applicable HMI Model:FE6070C, FE6070H, FE6100C, FE6100CE


Hardware Parameter

Wireless CommunicationEthernet,WiFi
Network BandIEEE 802.11 b/g/n compatible WLAN IEEE 802.11 e QoS Enhancement(WMM)

Environmental Requirements

Ambient Temperature10~90%RH(No condensation)
CoolingNatural cooling


Shell MaterialEngineering plastic
Overall Size68mm x 74mm x 19.5mm
Total WeightAbout 52g
VPN TransparentSupporting
Data Monitoring300 points
Alarm Push100 points
Historical Data30 points
Edge CalculationAvailable
Management And MaintenanceIt supports remote upgrade firmware, import and export configuration files

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